Thursday, May 18, 2006

I've just read this quote: Obscurity during an artist's lifetime is a guarantee of true genius. This is excellent news, a guarantee of my status as a genius. Now musical news and this week I have celebrated the sale of my first ever copy of Synaesthesia (you know who you are). That was one of my first attempts at synth music, some of the tracks evolved from some tapes I recorded using my Amiga when I was at college. I've also got my first music commission in a long time for a computer game theme. Things like this are always hit and miss. The person with the money usually has different ideas about music than the composer. Tension ensues, and a battle of wills that the artist is destined to lose. In the worst case I end up making a tune I strongly dislike due to changes that have been forced upon me, yet I have to be credited as the author. If anyone out there ever hires an artist for anything, please give them creative freedom.

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