Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The first overpainting of my Art of Painting picture is now complete although there are a few more stages to go on this one. So far it is looking merely acceptable, similar in style but a executed better than Faces of Autumn from a year ago. I'm starting to get used to painting now, and the BBC2 program about the Summer Exhibition on at the moment proves my understanding of and liking for modern art (most people do not like modern art but I think this is mostly down to a lack of understanding of it which is reasonable). More paintings to follow in the next three months, plus another Flatspace II update in a vain hope of resurrecting this commercially seriously-ill duck (but a good game to play nonetheless). Also I plan on making some more IndieSFX discs, and finally do some more tracks on The Journey, the pop album I want to make with Steven McLachlan. A picture says a thousand words but music makes a thousand pictures. Words can vary though, something artistic only needs to make one right feeling felt to be a masterpiece.

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