Friday, June 23, 2006

I've just heard that I've won my first art competition with The Migraine Tree, painted for the Migraine Action Association. I'm so pleased! I'm just starting to see some benefits from my serious study of art.

I like modern art and understand it, but there can be both a misunderstanding among the public and even artists regarding the quality of art. For me it is simple, there is good art and bad art, and good art is nice to look at and has meaning and emotional depth. If it is pretty but has no soul then it will become grey in your mind and tired on your wall. A badly painted picture with meaning and emotional depth is better because it will not tire, but good art is beautiful and has a meaning and emotional depth. I aim to make pictures that have those qualities, pictures painted well that shine with a living soul too. Those who want to invest in this crusade can purchase the Migraine Tree for a bargain £500 plus shipping, a share of which will go to the Migraine Action Association.

The organisation also run a public choice award and you can vote for the picture on the following page:

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