Friday, July 28, 2006

After yesterday's priming, I sanded the panel for my the Penalties picture today. Transferring the sketch took eight hours, often painfully bent on the floor but now the first stage is complete and the imprematura is drying. The deadline for this is in a month so I have to work flat out. I'm very glad the initial batch are judged from a photo because the frame I'll have to construct for this will need to be really sturdy. One square metre of glass is not something I've had to even approach before. The whole thing is a bit daunting because if selected I will probably have to carry the thing to Manchester. I'm not sure if I want to enter but I'll see how the picture turns out first. I've also done a little work on Gunstorm II in the spare hours. There is not much time for music, although I've sequenced the basic outline of the theme for Gunstorm II.

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