Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well my latest painting is now unveiled to the world. It's taken about four months in total, a lot of which was preparation work and of course waiting for the thing to dry between layers (it is still wet having painted the last bit yesterday). It was made for a competition with a deadline of tomorrow so I really had to finish up quickly. I wish I'd have had more time. If I offered this for sale it would be difficult to work out the price. For one of the earliest artworks by an unknown artist a price like £1000 for a painting would be very expensive and unlikely to sell but even at a modest U.K. wage that price would not match the cost in time and materials to create it. How I envy those who can knock a picture off in the morning and another after dinner. Ultimately though the picture is a student work and there are some parts like the seraph figure that I'm not happy with. That vital value of a lesson learned is difficult to measure for an artist (the currency is often depression), so onward. I can only dream of how amazing any future paintings will be.

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