Monday, September 04, 2006

The first and most important overpainting of Penalties (my lastest painting) is now complete. I've got 26 full days now for other works. I've got three hafl complete, one about feeling floaty and happy, one in the style of van Gogh which is quite a sad picture called "Today I Saw Him Far Far Away" ("he" is not van Gogh by the way) and the third one is about the oppression of a city, a landscape made of screaming buildings (this is a strange and dramatic picture). Those should take only a couple of weeks and I should have time to fit in one more. I have two in the sketch stage but I could ignore those and try something new, perhaps even the proms picture which, considering the recent fire at the venue on the very night that Beethoven's 9th was due, might have been prophetic.

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