Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More work on The Apotheosis of Terror today. Three figures remain which should take two days more (although some effects require another layer anyway). That and the simple glazing of the second version of Waiting for B.T. should be the last pictures of 2006, an educational year regarding painting. I started curious about techniques, materials and art genres, and end with an introverted lack of regard for other people's art while begin consumed with my own ideas. Only nature and epxerience can provide nourishment for art, not other artm, and only the truth lasts forever. I've just finished the second remix of the Gunstorm song too. I don't like to rush these things and will listen every so often over the next few days to identify any bits I don't like. It is no coincidence that the best music albums in history took a long time to create. The ability to revisit and improve any idea is very important. The One Love event is on Thursday and a photographer from the local newspaper is coming on Friday.

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