Friday, May 11, 2007

I've had a day of tantrifilmonius agonies and wonders. While painting the sky of my new picture, Somebody to Love, a tiny fly appeared flying very close to the wet sticky surface. Flies, as you probably know, are the enemies of all things good and so I panicked and waved my hands a lot, mostly hopelessly. Fortunately, as if by magic, the fly vanished completely. I took this as an omen of something good. Later, on the very same picture which was vertically mounted on my easel. I was working away when I noticed a tiny spider, perfectly happily walking down the new wet surface of my glorious sky! I managed to remove the spider and the picture was not visibly damaged by the delicate tip-toes of this most skillful of pedestrians (although I must feel that tiny spider footprints are in there somewhere). Spiders, as I'm sure you know, are friends to all artists and so I took this to be a good omen too (even though I personally do not like spiders, or indeed any insect or arachnid really). I captured and released the spider outdoors. Could this unprecedented glimpse of a section of spider/fly war be mere chance, brought about by rain? Possibly, but I prefer to hang on to two good omens to reinforce the fooling of myself that uniquely creates untrammelled happiness.

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