Friday, December 21, 2007

Since last Saturday I've turned back to music and have been completely re-recording my 2002 concept album, The Spiral Staircase. I've changed musically a lot since 2002 (although it's hard to tell because I've written so little this year) but the album will not change musically (much) because I want to preserve it as it was; this is a replacement not a sequel. The remaster is more about making improvements in the production quality, which was limited in 2002. The Spiral Staircase is an instrumental concept album, sort of like Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells. The story is a fairytale adventure about climbing a spiral staircase inside a tower and encountering different creatures and rooms along the way. The original sold two copies (I'm guessing that this was due to the 4th movement being on The Flatspace Soundtrack). If anyone out there would be interested in buying one of the first editions of the remaster then join my mailing list. I'd like to promote this when it is ready too so if any volunteers want to help then get in touch.

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