Friday, January 18, 2008

I love this song because of the ascending melody (okay, you can't hear that, but the chords climb, a bit like The Beatles' Here There and Everywhere). I had the idea of brainstorming concept albums with simple track list of titles as a way of coming up with song ideas. One album was typically sci-fi and called "Journey to Elsodus IV" and "Space Love" was pencilled in as a track.

Space Love

Reach up and float to me,
breathe in my space love
free from your gravity.

See the stars weep in loveless skies.
Breathe in my space love,
red love in my gold eyes.


Kiss me on liquid skin.
Touch me with pure love.
Invite your stone soul in.

See the sun die in frozen skies.
Behold by space, love,
behind my almond eyes.

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