Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm currently working on a painting of the 40-foot tall god Albion, as in William Blake's mythology. Should be mostly finished by tomorrow but it will need at least one more layer.

My Self Portrait with Electric Wasp has made it into the 2008 Stoke Open in Hanley Museum which I'm pleased with. They turned down the Untouchable Strawberry painting which I think is far superior artistically and technically an certainly took more time and skill. Perhaps this proves that everyone likes portraits. I will be painting a few more portraits next year. I need the practise.

The six months of daylight are nearly over and then I'll rapidly slow down painting, planning for next year and working on music and other things. I'd like to get back into poetry or song writing because I'm very rusty there. I will tend to IndieSFX and Bytten too.

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