Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've been working on music this week, and given that my weeks end with Tuesday it is now the start of the weekend. I can report with joy that my task has been successful and that the last track to my forthcoming CD The Twelve Seasons is now composed. The music needs final balancing and arranging but the most difficult task is complete. The music spans a large period, some tracks date back several years, but I am very pleased with the quality of the music, particularly the recent tracks which are loaded with emotion and imagery, at times as wide and orchestral as my music can be.

My next CD release however will be Stupid Computer Music, in a week or so. That one is a compilation of some of my computer game music and similar tunes of the past decade. Stupid Computer Music is available to pre-order now on my website and is the perfect Christmas gift for a computer enthusiast or gadget geek!

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