Sunday, December 28, 2008

One of the worst things an artist can do is nothing and I've been doing far too much of that recently. My brother is here on a welcome visit but his presence is sapping vital days. Even worse than doing nothing is eating sugar and drinking alcohol. My new resolution is to do none of those things and to reassert my commitment to frugal living. Now, today I have transferred a tiny drawing to a panel for painting; next year's Christmas card. I'm now stalling for time before doing the plasticine modelling for a picture called Insomnia Due To Impending Sacrifice. I tend to carefully model, carefully photograph and carefully draw before I carefully paint a subject but perhaps I am too careful in these early and laborious procedures. Only careful painting is needed, yet looking back at some of the paintings of the last half of 2008 I fear that I've been careful on the other stages and too careless on the most important one. I resolve, again!! to paint patiently and perfectly. The seraph in The Art of Painting took three eight hour days despite being the size of the palm of my hand and that is about right. Now, "insomnia" calls.

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