Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Chasm Was Just Too Wide
Well today I'm past the worst stage of my virus and merely in the tickly cough phase. I've done little over the past few days but have managed to write two songs today and scan in one of the last two finished paintings of 2008; The Chasm Was Just Too Wide. I peg my larger drawings on my wall opposite me and there are currently two there; The Apocalypse of Finance is as dramatic as it sounds and will include butterflies and Lorenz attractors. The second, Iterations of Isolation is about how the isolated and unloved can develop fascist hatreds towards people. Both drawings are now complete and the surfaces are prepared although I need to work out the colours.

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José said...


You show great creativity on your works. There are alot of artists with good technical skills, but to be creative is another matter, otherwise we'd all be Dalis and Eschers.
This painting reminds me of anamorphic perspective.

Wish you and your familiy a prosperous 2009,