Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've been working on The End and The Beginning for the past few days, my first album of songs that has been in progress for many years but is soon to be finished at last. It's sounding good. It's a pity that more people won't hear it.

I wrote one new song last night too, inspired by a friend who said she was feeling light blue last night. It's a gentle old-time country ballad that would suit someone like Roy Orbison or Johnny Cash, or anyone from the 1930's no problem. I might even record this one (I wish my guitar skills were up to it!!). Here are the words.

Light Blue Evening

I'll have a light blue evening.
I'll spend it on my own.
I'll watch the bright white moonrise
from my window at home.

And when I sleep I'll dream of you,
but I won't want to,
it makes me sad.
But when I sleep I'll dream of you
all the same.

So when you ask what I'll be doing,
you'll know what I will say.
I'll have a light blue evening,
and a dark blue day.

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John Salmon said...

Simple poignant words Mark, that's how a song should be. Have you thought of maybe putting a tune on YouTube in order to air it to a wider audience? Musically, there are a lot of good entries there which wouldn't normally see the light of day. There are some very talented people about who simply don't get the recognition they deserve.