Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not much done recently. I spent most of Tuesday depressed (but not melancholic) and banging my head against walls with nothing coming out, but such relaxing days for me tend to end in exposions of ideas. In the evening I discovered an art competition with the theme of 'silk' and an idea instantly jumped into my head. I am currently constructing a model windmill which will form an essential part of this painting. The glue is drying and while I type this.

I often make models of things to paint, it makes it easier to get the lighting and realism correct. Many artists have (was it Constable or Gainsborough who made landscapes from vegetables?) but here I've discovered something new in that I can add artistry and meaning to the models themselves while they are being made and decorated. Thus I make three dimensional collages then light and photograph them. The 3D spatial visualisation skills that come from modelling are useful for a painter too.

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Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Mark
Cant wait to see this.