Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paper Curling

Well the underpainting to The Silkworm is done. The windmills are only quite small, smaller than my hand but they still took about eight hours to paint because of the tiny bits. The squllion holes in the sails make them an intellectual challenge!

But ho! This post is about paper. I wanted to prepare the paper for a 120x75cm painting so have a new roll of Fabriano Accademia drawing paper (which looks to be good for this sort of thing) but then came the problem of curling. I decided to lay it flat on a big board curl side down (so it bulges up) and weigh it down with books. Then I applied some Golden GAC400 with a sponge, an acrylic "stiffener". It doesn't really stiffen that much but is better than normal acrylic medium. The paper still buckled but flattening it when it was damp was reasonably effective. Applying any watery thing to paper will probably buckle it, but this is too big to stretch! I think it's flat enough to draw on now but I'll keep thinking of how to flatten curling paper more perfectly... Tips appreciated if anyone has any!!

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Mark Sheeky said...

I'll comment on my own post first. My latest idea is to use heavy MDF boards to cover the paper but exposing a small strip or window then paint that small strip with the GAC400 and when dry move to the next section. But will that work... wet paper need to expand somewhere... I suspect it won't.

Idea 2: Hang the paper on the wall from the top on pegs, and used weighted pegs on the bottom to stretch it while wetting it... but the horizontal tension won't be there and it would wrinkle in vertical strips.