Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dark Dream

My dream last night was very dark. I was walking along a night time street, a few other people were here and there. The street lights went out and I ignored the others, shying away in fear. I was slightly lost in the unfamiliar street, then the house lights went out and I saw nothing; total blackness. I strained to peer through it, but consoled myself that as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I should be able to see enough to keep going. I awoke. Then I drifted off to sleep and had the same dream but in a different street. Both dreams evoked slight fear and confusion.

In another of last night's dreams I saw Rhiannon, a distant friend. That was the second time I've dreamed of her, the first time being the previous night. I remember hardly anything about either dream, which might even have been the same dream twice.

I've spent the last two days doing remixes of my Gunstorm song for Steven and now have a few alternative versions which will probably be useful. I'll go back to doing painting things from today I think, and have spent the morning preparing surfaces and frames.

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