Friday, June 19, 2009


Last night I went to a show of student art at South Cheshire College with new friend Sue. It was a good night and I felt myself waking up more and becoming re-enthused with new ideas. Some apathy is important to keep standards high, but I like to think that I have retained a childlike curiosity and imagination. Curiosity is vital; when it dies so does youth, and enthusiasm, and vigour, and creativity.

Today began slowly. I had decided to finally select and hopefully paint and idea for the Art Support competition, the theme is Summer's Day. For a while I wanted to paint the sea and didn't know why. Eventually a rough scribble, albeit a very big one made me think of a sea made of land. The painting will be about the death of winter and the birth of something new and glorious because I feel like that, and one way or another my paintings only seem to work when they reflect how I'm feeling at the time.

At 4pm our M.P. Edward Timpson came to my exhibition in the Lyceum and I gave him a quick tour. He commented that people should strive to get in touch with their subconscious more and I agreed.

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