Sunday, June 14, 2009

The End And The Beginning

The End And The Beginning is now finally on sale. This is my first album of pop songs and was made with the help of my friend the talented singer Steven McLachlan. It's been many years in the making with some songs dating back to 2002. A surreal concept album, it's a story of awakening. It began with a few miscellaneous tracks ordered into a short story then extra ones were added to extend the tale. Musically it's all very pop and catchy, the tracks being catchy and electronic with a deliberate 1980s feel to them. There are clips on the The End And The Beginning page of my website.

I hope to write and produce more music but finding the time is always a problem. Musically I have plans for more work including a sequel to The Spiral Staircase, a symphonic electronic work.

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