Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Glorious Birth Of Summer 2

Well the painting is done, perhaps. I had planned on painting this in one layer for a change, my first painting like that since 2006. I learned a lot about the look of objects in ice and the different complex visual properties of ice which can be white opaque, misty or transparent like glass and contain dark cracks, reflective silver cracks, air bubbles, tiny silver shards, as well as debris. The surface can be matt or gloss, reflective or scattering. I tried to incorporate different types of ice into the picture and I'm sure that if I could try again I would manage greater realism.

Today I took down my first solo exhibition in my local theatre. My next painting to go on public display is "The Silkworm" in Macclesfield at a firm of solicitors, Jobling Gowler, who are organising an art competition. This year's theme was "silk" and future contsts are expected bi-annually.

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