Saturday, June 20, 2009


I've done nothing today. Nothing but try and try. I wanted to get some music done and ideally a new album sequel to The Spiral Staircase. It's amazing to think for me that it was seven years since I wrote that and it wasn't easy then.

Today I've tried bits in the sequencer for forty five minutes then didn't like it and got tired and took a break, and I did that about five times today. In between I wandered about, thought, rested, played a few notes on my Yamaha SY-85 keyboard. I generally struggled. It's been ages since I wrote new music, I think it was last October or something and my mind has changed a LOT since then.

So why do it? Well if I'm going to ever write more then I'd better practise, that's the first point. I was tired of painting but I'm sure that after a few days like this I'll go back BUT perhaps I should push myself for a change. I do really feel the need to write new music simply because I've not done so in ages, and I generally and constantly have new music in my head. But today I couldn't translate that into actual notes. Finally I like my old music and want to do more to prove I can, even if only to myself.

The best I managed was a few notes about an hour ago. I might just be the start. I've noticed that switching between disciplines like this often takes a day. Perhaps by tomorrow night I'll have a first foothold into "The Music Box".

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