Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Money Just Running Out 4

The most Dalinian things I've ever painted! Reasons;
1. The colours.
2. The reflection-like patternation which was made up instead of copied from anything.
3. The fact that they are drippy gloopy blobs.

One more morning should complete this underpainting which has taken an arduous four days so far. Thank you to the people who have helped me stay (relatively) sane. I've hardly done any other work during the day but the painting is good quality. I regret not writing more music.

I have just got a load of casting supplies; clays, plasters, resins. I will come up with inventive things people will want to buy. I have an idea for a pen holder that looks like Isaac on an altar and you have to stab him with the pen. I expect that everyone will want an Isaac to stab. I might make him hold a brush instead of a pen.

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