Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Money Just Running Out 5

I finished the underpainting today, here you can see the coins becoming butterfly shapes.

I hope to add gold and silver glitter dust to the picture. I've got some glitters and dusts for this; including bronzing and gold pigment. Both are very fine dusts, the Senellier pigment is finer. I think I'd like something a bit more coarse but finer than the normal "glitter". I'm also undecided when to apply it but I think I'll do it after underpainting but before glazing so that any spills that cannot be removed can be safely and effectively overpainted invisibly. Then there is the choice of size. Options; old gold size (good but I've seen it yellow), acrylic resin varnish (soluble but clear, might dry too quickly), another drying oil (safflower?), or even wet oil paint itself.

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