Thursday, July 16, 2009


Perfection and Necroamoria has been selected for exhibition at the MOMA Wales competition. I would have been really sad if it had been rejected I think, even though by the end of it, like many of my paintings I had become obsessed with the flaws and imperfections. The prize winners are notified in advance I think so it looks like I've not won one, although there is a visitors prize so if you are near the pretty town of Machynlleth then pop in and vote for me.

This morning I've been experimenting with glitters and gold powders. I've also applied the imprimatura to the overdue portrait of Mr. Artinum, and researched other pigments (it seems that only Kremer sells Dioxazine). I also printed the half size tracings for Christ In The Garden Of Gethsemane, due to be my biggest painting yet.

This afternoon I'll start reading The Wasp Factory. It's a day off really so I'll try to use it for fun projects and relaxation, even though I'm already making a list of possible jobs!

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