Saturday, September 12, 2009


A mixed bag of paintings yesterday. First I worked out the final bits on the Apocalypse study I painted the day before, then I glazed the picture seen, Two Parents Looking at a Very Isolated Child which is about autism. The arc is Liquid Leaf gold paint but it only half worked. It's beautiful stuff but dries very quickly. I cut it with some of my amber medium which worked but the fast dryingness of the pure stuff made some parts uneven. I'm not very happy with it but have analysed why and therefore become happy with it by virtue of that learning. After that, or was it before, I repainted the black moon with a roughly cut landscape proving that I can paint fast and loose. Lastly I painted some scrunched up paper. That took a few hours but I did it well and at the perfect pace.

There is a time when you have to say "Enough!" and think only of the next thing. Today is that day.

I'll begin planning for a giant but not complicated picture called Abandoning Someone Who Was A Friend When I Had None. It's a monolith like Penalties. I have a giant board ready for another painting and have several options. A painting about the acquisition of wealth, a painting of paranoid schizophrenia, or a portrait of Descartes that dissects his philosophy. Each is quite different.

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