Thursday, September 24, 2009


I spent far too long today formatting and ordering a 2010 calendar with my paintings on. It's costing £20 but it is worth trying to see what it looks like. I like art calendars, but I also like my weeks to start on Sunday like American calendars because in my head Sunday has always felt like the first day of the week not the last. I seem unable to order a calendar that starts on Sunday! Anyway, that escapade took far too many hours that I should have spent drawing.

I also spent a long time looking for surrealists online with an eye to forming some sort of group or holding a joint exhibition. Sadly, most were either not really surrealists, not very good, and/or often totally bonkers, and each thought about art in different ways. It made me question the whole point and rationale behind a group! Re-recognising the art of Esther Albone was worthwhile though. Her paintings seem to be halfway between mine and Frida Kahlo's.

Achievements today then have been limited, but there have been some;
1. I have confirmed a second solo exhibition at the Lyceum Theatre for November 2010.
2. I have also confirmed the possibility of a joint exhibition in Nantwich Museum with my friend and artist Ray Perez. This is very much in the hands of the curator and is not decided in advance but we are hopeful that an exhibition around August of next year will take place.
3. I've had it confirmed that four paintings will go on display in Jobling Gowler Macclesfield from January to March 2010.

I also wrote three brilliant poems and bought a big chain for the Abandonment panting but the composition is causing me storms. The picture looks more dramatic as it is but the idea is conveyed better with a cloud on a broken chain. A cloud with a broken chain is the perfect metaphor for abandoning someone. I must resolve the storm with a deadline. It will be finished by October the 1st or be torn asunder!

Tomorrow I begin underpainting the final full version of The Apocalypse Of Finance.

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