Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Wednesday means my weekly art group meeting, Art Support, and I traced out a half-size outline for the second picture in my "love" series.

My method for transferring drawings from paper to canvas is simple and laborious. First I trace carefully and accurately using a very fine black pen. Then I turn the paper over and use a brown watercolour pencil (currently a Derwent Inktense "Willow") and go over all of the lines. I use brown because it's light enough to see the black pen lines, it's also a permanent earth colour and more likely to blend and be hidden by paint over the top. The pencil doesn't blend or visibly react with solvents, which is why I use an Inktense. Finally I trace onto the painting surface using a fine point embossing scribe, a metal spike with a tiny ball at the end.

I haven't painted anything in what seems like a lifetime. I wanted to write a surreal novel, or at least one chapter in November (two chapters were my goal, but I did add a question mark!) but alas, I struggled which is no surprise because I hardly read any fiction. The idea is good though so I'll keep it. I'm not yet willing to commit the resources needed to learn to write. I'm full of painting ideas and ambitions. I'm pressuring myself to produce paintings, out of love for it, out of fear of growing old and losing my faculties, a degeneration which I can practically feel happening daily and seem to detect in everyone older than myself.

I'll paint some colour studies tomorrow. My monthly goals call for finishing colour studies for six paintings, finishing the artwork and releasing The Infinite Forest album, and modelling for two new paintings. I'd like to finish some actual paintings too, and perhaps start a new one. Oh, and have a good Christmas and 37th birthday.

Today's goal is to rest.


Kathy said...

Mark, Thanks for the detailed description of your transfer process. I've never seen it done that way and it seems like a great method. And, your immediate goals are ambitious but definitely "do-able." I hope you'll post images of your progress, since it would be great to see the evolution of your work.
And (I can't resist) - what's this silly business about getting old and losing your faculties??? C'mon, I'm nearly twice your age and haven't lost anything except common sense :) Well, maybe I should take that back because my blogs are getting a little weird! be only 37 again. You have eons of time to create masterpieces, and I know that you will.

Mark Sheeky said...

Silly business heehee. Thank you making me think.... fears are always irrational to some extent because they are about imagining a future event based on experience of bad events in the past. So, I was wondering as I painted what had happened in the past. I realised that my main fear was my circumstances changing, being left unable to paint/work, losing what I had, because about ten years ago that's what happened with my computer games and I was left with nothing and in despair. I don't want to go back, so I'll charge forwards with a frenzy of activity, a charge towards something better and golden that is too powerful to be destroyed or lost. I must succeed in art sooner rather than later. So although the fear is distant and not at all like a phobia, it keeps me working with a passion and commitment that other incentives might not! I already have arthritis in my hands though. Annoying, but I can still paint well :)

Yes, I will post images. I'm reluctant sometimes because the amazement of seeing something for the first time is lost when it's seen slowly growing. However it won't hurt to break with that reluctance for a year and see what happens.