Monday, January 25, 2010


Bits and bobs today. First I cut five frames for pictures that need them and glued one. I can only glue one per day because I only have one band clamp, it's all I'll ever need! They're much better than metal 45 degree clamps because they hold the frame in tension while it glues.

Then I quickly sketched out some music. I quickly thought up a story for a concept album, about a evil wizard who attacks the world, and a hero who must capture and/or recruit lots of mythical beasts to combat him and save the planet. This is a (very) rough melody for the phoenix, which has a lumbering time signature to convey flight:
(again that is a temporary link)

I'll pause the music project for now and get back to painting. I've got rough notes for four or five tracks and I've written my first really new music in over a year. The past week has been a success.

After lunch I got back to art and refining the sketch to a painting that I had already transferred to the canvas! My "love" trilogy is not two paintings big (is this called a biology?! Not really a diptych when they are a series not a unified work!) anyway, I've decided to defer the third picture into a future year and instead work on other things, as well as improve the second one. That is what I've been doing until now, and have just added a profile image and lots of tiny crocodile scales. I'll have to transfer my additions to the canvas sooner or later.


Kathy said...

Mark, your music is very descriptive! Perfect for a soundtrack to a movie. Nice work!

hwfarber said...

Your life seems to be an exciting mix of painting, sculpting and music.

Although I had piano lessons for years and can play the notes, I have no ear for music. Without words, I would not recognize songs--I can only imagine having a gift for music.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thank you for commenting. I can't read music but I can play a tune by ear... a bit! Without a computer I'd have little hope of playing much. Perhaps not being able to play an instrument can sometimes be an advantage.