Thursday, January 14, 2010

Waterside Exhibition

My untouchable strawberry has made it through at the Waterside Trafford. This is the third time I've entered a painting called (concisely!) "The Quest For Physical Intimacy..." (pictured) and it's been turned down each time. I'm glad it was turned down here because I underpriced it. It is a good painting, with lots of detail, meaning and feeling. I think that its greyness is making judges dismiss it as they pass by the myriad of others they must look at. I might save this one for myself. Public competitions are a balance. Is it worth setting aside the best work for later when they are more likely to sell for a higher price, or showing and selling the very best ones now?


Kathy said...

Mark - congratulations of making it through at the W.T.!! Your question about when to sell is a tough one. I usually save my best ones for the high profile venues to build my reputation as an artist. However, my prices are the same whether or not the paintng is exhibited in a high profile venue.

Kay said...

Congratulations on the Waterside Mark, I heard this morning that I had a drawing accepted for it too, and one rejected. It would be interesting to know how many entries they had altogether.

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings Mark,

My price structure remains the same regardless of the venue, but I do adjust what I would show based on other artists level. As I would not wish to stand out one way or another.

Warmest regards,

-Don said...

Congrats, Mark! I wish you well in the show. I'm still learning the rest of it, so I don't have any useful words of wisdom for your question. Happy Painting! -Don

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks everyone. All I need is more high profile venues heehee!

Well done Kay! Good point about the entries. My friend Kath Laird helped recieve the works and she told me that had slightly fewer entries than last time. Will you be enterng the RBSA Friends one? I'll give it a go I think.