Friday, April 30, 2010


I have managed to do some drawing today though and have drawn out the death of man picture idea. I've heard that I've not got through to round two of the John Moores competition, which was actually expected. I had a vision of its failure, but also a vision of a second painting that would win a prize. That second one is in the composition stage but that vision gave and gives me confidence that it will ultimately be completed successfully.

Now! To lighten the mood yet more! I'll post my floobfilm! That will cheer anyone, especially me. The sound was done in one go and the dialogue was improvised on the spur of the moment so excuse the giggles when I got one of the characters names wrong!


Kathy said...

The floobs are very funny!! Cute, too. Mark, I'm concerned about your illness and hope that you're properly diagnosed and successfully treated for whatever it is!!

John Salmon. said...

The film wasn't as good as the book. :)

Mark Sheeky said...

Well put John! If one day, archeologists find a crude wooden film camera secretly invented by Leonardo da Vinci, and they play the sole film he made, it would probably not be a four minute string puppet comedy.

I'm feeling much better today. My new tonic is Guinness. I remember someone telling me that a pint of Guinness with a raw egg cracked into it was enough nourishment for a day. I'll not try that cocktail! Everything in moderation.