Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Does Size Really Matter

Today I delivered some paintings to the Down To A Fine Art gallery in Stretton for their latest exhibition. "Does Size Really Matter" exhibits 60 local artists, glass makers, ceramicists and jewellers, with a size limitation of 24 inches (that's 60cm!). The exhibition runs from the 10th to the 25th. Oh, I should add that there is a free preview on Thursday the 15th at 6pm. From last time I recall that they were very generous with the wine. Hic.

I've also framed an old picture today, A Tower Of Bees Hit By Forces Beyond Their Control. I stained the wood yellow and overpainted with acrylic paint before applying a wood varnish. I rather like it!

My ear/throat infection is dragging on and dragging me down. My dream last night involved me trying to fight off rebellious Indo-Chinese with a slow firing sniper rifle. I reported to my commanding officer that I couldn't kill them fast enough to stop them multiplying. This is one of many dreams of being overwhelmed by enemy military forces that to me are an indication of infection; that and the sore throat, full head and tiredness that has dogged me for three months or so. I need reinforcements, or some sort of super weapon.


Kathy said...

Antibiotics, perhaps?? I'm really sorry to learn that you've been ill for so long. That's tough when one is as creative as you and wants to accomplish much. The painting is intriguing! Wish I had a better view of it.

Mark Sheeky said...

There's a bigger version of the pic here:

I've had a week of antibiotics which make me feel a lot better but the symptoms gradually returned. I'll give my immune system a few weeks to see if it can fight this one off. It's unpleasant to be tired all the time but it's a good test of will!