Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tap Dream

I've been working on sound work over the past couple of days but I'm still not feeling very well. Last night I had an interesting dream.

I was in a large house, like a mansion with white stone tiles on the walls and copper water pipes running along the long of corridors. I was thirsty and found a tap, but the top was faulty and was of a strange design, a like a tall dome in brilliant reflective chrome. It kept leaking and I struggled to fill my water bottle without spilling water and making a mess. Twisting the top nearly shut off the water flow, but not quite and it was very sensitive, one twist too far made it leak and spill again. Suddenly the house owner appeared, an intimidating man who I knew would be angry at the mess. I explained that the tap was faulty and he tried to shut it off. Suddenly I realised that I wasn't in a house but a mortuary, and I awoke in fear and feverish shivers.

I trust that I'll get better with rest. I hope to get back to painting soon and work on the Gethsemane painting. That is my main priority this month, that and the new picture for Art Liberating Lives, an event which I hope is happening as usual (even if not it will be a good painting!). I can't wait to finish painting and begin music, writing or something else! The sound work has been a breath of air but I'm sad that I don't feel well enough to see my girlfriend who is a distant cycle ride away.


John Salmon. said...

I'm sorry to hear you're still not feeling well Mark. These pesky viruses do have a habit of hanging around for longer than they should. On the plus side you will bounce back with vigour and fresh energy and lots of new ideas just as soon as your body gets the better of them.

Pleased to hear you've got a bike. All the best artists have got bikes. If they haven't they should get one.

Get well soon. We may need you to complete our triathlon team :0)

-Don said...

You've had a rough year, it seems, with illnesses. May you put them all behind you and get back to the easel soon.


Mark Sheeky said...

It seems to be a mild illness but persistent.

Yes John I'm a cyclist. No cars in our family! I've not gone so far as to ride with a sketchbook... yet :)