Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well it's time for a blog post but I'm stuck what to write. I was ill again last week and felt a little shaky for my exhibition set-up on Friday but by the night felt well. Fiona Bratherton and co. were there and Janet from my art group too, but out of 50 invites there were no other people there (ironically those two weren't sent invites), so the room felt rather empty. My horoscope said I should consider a change of career this week! How insulting!

Yet, perhaps prophetic. I've been programming over the past few days and have been rather enjoying it. I'm working on an update to my game Flatspace II and suddenly it seems exciting and addictive like painting once was. I must avoid having my time sapped!

I've got about a week's worth of painting this month, finishing off the works in progress I've shown on this blog before. I might set aside some time to try a bit of music.

The daily poems are continuing too, with mixed results. In some ways it's good to make yourself write something each day because I end up with the odd gem that wouldn't exist otherwise. In other ways it can kill complex preparation and mastery. I'll break with tradition and put one here. It took a long time to pick one!


My hair was grey, and cracked away,
but now is fair, and rich, and soft.
My hands once rough and stiff to bend
are gentle, warm and young again.

My eyes once blind are open wide,
and morning scents are fresh and new.
My spine is straight instead of bent,
and my mind is open, fast, and excited,
by each new thing, new joy, new friend.

My smile shows love,
and my light is brighter,
shining out like a heaven's ray,
and each darkness ends a good day.
My loss has fallen all away,
and my great life is uncursed,
because it has reversed.

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The Scrybe said...

From experience I know how difficult it is to attract people to galleries to see the work you've done, which is a shame considering all the hours put in. But do keep the faith :)