Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alien Christmas

My card painting is complete!

I've had a difficult week or so but now I'm back on track. The end of my painting projects was a relief but now I'm in a sort of withdrawal stage and need something new. At times like this I refer to my monthly goals/plan list.

I've got a couple of options for December. I must design a painting for the Jobling Gowler competition because it has a deadline early in 2011 but, setting art aside, I have a few choices. I think I'll make a video or two, working on promotion. I could continue with the big bang music, but I think I've created enough. Now it's time to promote what I've got, for a change.

One thing I have done today is stretch a canvas, a huge one that really tired me out! I used an acrylic impregnated polyester canvas called Top Gun, which is very warm and plastic to the touch. As it's pigmented plastic it is lightfast and rot proof, but I'll prime it with one coat of gesso, the sandy tooth is always a good idea for oils.

The canvas will become "The Quest for Pity on the Road to Self-Destruction", the second in my "pity" series. It's so large and white and lovely. I want to keep it as it is! I look forward to painting other things of this scale. It will be good practise. That's why I paint at the moment; training. I will paint seriously when qualified, not for several years yet! My painting obsession is less than five years old, after all!


Carolina Moon Arts Studio said...

Mark, this is a very interesting Christmas card! You're imagination is amazing! beautifully painted as well! :)

-Don said...

Alien Christmas is a very compelling piece of art. I wish it was a little larger on my screen so I could make out all you have going on. Congrats on getting it done before December. I'm still in the very early stages of my Christmas Card design. Maybe I'll have something done by the 25th...

Aren't we all just practicing? Are we ever really qualified?


Kathy said...

Love the card!! I can hardly believe that your painting career is a mere 5 years old. You have the maturity of a seasoned master. Since I've known your work I've always thought that it should exist on large-scale canvases. Your scenes are powerful, and a larger size would engulf the viewer with the power of the imagery. Go for it!

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks for the compliments everyone.

Get a move on Don! I'm already worried about printing delays :)

Yes Kathy! Consider me inspired. I must order big stretcher bars and pray for the subsequent cash. Big is beautiful! Olé!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful card Mark! I never did send you my address for one of your lovely cards simply because it doesn't look like I'll have time to make you a card. I wouldn't feel right getting one from you without putting in an equal return effort.

So for this year, I'll enjoy it on screen and shoot for next year for doing an exchange.

I'm glad you are painting large!