Sunday, March 13, 2011

R.B.S.A. And Prints

On Saturday I collected the above painting from the R.B.S.A. gallery, it was one of the two paintings I submitted and this didn't make the show. It had a chalk mark on the back that apparently meant that it nearly made it, so that's a good sign. It's called Depression Caused By The Selfishness Of Hiding Selected Personality Traits and think it's a good surrealist artwork, if not as visually appealing or grandiose in subject as the other.

I had a brief look around the place and it was an good display of work. I'd say that most of it was either well painted pictures of relatively "ordinary" scenes; (landscape, still life, etc.) and very abstracted, paintings often using mixed media that were in essence pretty patterns. There were a few that were inbetween though, and the show included sculptures that varied from heads, to steel flowers to felting and fabric craft.

I collected a picture from the framer today, and made a birdcage and a chessboard as props for a new Floob film - a puppet film for children which I'll have to make quickly as the children are keen and pestery (yes, pestery is a word). Generally though I've been working on music production and will do that in the coming week.

I'm wondering what to do regarding prints of my work. The easiest way to do it nowadays is to order photographs from an online photo processor, who print large formats cheaply in very high quality. This would make selling prints of any painting at a reasonable cost instantly feasible. Anyone have any thoughts on this, from either an art owner or artist?


Robin said...

Your painting technique continues to be absolutely beautiful, Mark.

My experience with prints is to always use a local printer in order to color proof properly, in person. Some online printers offer proofing too but it's much easier to see the actual print before placing the order in my opinion.

Mark Sheeky said...

Good advice. Thanks Robin.