Friday, July 01, 2011


Today I have decided to focus more on my marketing and have rebranded. My website, blog, business cards and music packaging tended to use the same font and same general look, but now this is fixed and unified, complete with a new colour scheme and a new logo. Meet Aleax...

It symbolises mathematical perfection because it is based on the geometry of the pentagram, wealth and riches because it is gold, positivity, and angellic crufiform glory!

My next step is to find a way of explaining more about my paintings at my next exhibition in Sevens of Macclesfield. Ideally I'd have an expensive printed catalogue, but cost aside, would this make people grab the catalogue and flee instead of staring at the paintings? Would grabbing the catalogue and fleeing be beneficial enough from a marketing standpoint to outweigh the cost of printing? An alternative is a catalogue to borrow... or, as is most common in quality galleries, a block of text on the wall near the paintings. I must decide quickly as time is short.

My main job at the moment is to paint my largest, most spectacular and certainly best artwork of genius that I've ever contemplated painting (I always think that about the next one in line). The first colour study is half complete. I will begin painting the first layer next Thursday.


jill said...

Like the new look blog and I have just put a link on my facebook page to get others to look at your work, really hope you are successful. I'm sorry i don't know the best way to market your work but you just have to keep going

-Don said...

I really like your new logo. I especially like the reflections you added to it for the masthead of your blog.


Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks Jill! Perhaps keeping going is the best marketing tip anyone can give :)

The plain logo looked kind of, well, plain so I've decided to add occasional images of my paintings into it. The foil image I used as a reflection map as well as the grey background was made using software called Genetica 3. It's great for generating beautiful textures.