Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poetry Watercolours

I've been busy over the past few days painting over 60 watercolours to illustrate a book of poems I'm formatting. I write a poem a day in 2010 and I'm finally getting round to putting a book together. The paintings are often splotty and abstracted. About half have been rejected so far so I'll repaint those; my criteria has been speed, but that's led to some good ones as well as bad. The picture above is for a poem called My Mind is Full of Weeds.

Here is Artemis Dream, a rather abstract and surreal poem in itself.

Lots more to do. I've run out of paper at the moment. Here is the image for The Italian Bedroom with the poem below.

The Italian Bedroom

There's nothing he can do but lie awake
as yellow light in beams envelops all.
Slow spiral-turning water on the lake.
The cracks and mould upon the plaster wall.
His voice is silent waiting for the call
from love afar, in English winter's breath.
She writes the lines as sunlight starts to fall,
soft violet words of his Elizabeth.
The scented lines that dance towards a crawling death.


-Don said...

I like all three of these, especially the drama you created with color and contrast in Artemis Dream. My Mind is Full of Weeds is a pretty strong design piece, as well as a wonderful painting.

When you say, "About half have been rejected...", who is the rejector? You? An editor? I'm just curious as to the dynamics of the project.


Mark Sheeky said...

I didn't like them, I'm my own editor here :)

Most of the time it was because the cols blurred overnight giving fuzzly edges. Also, I naturally got better as I painted so the early ones looked a lot worse than the later ones.

Not always though, and I'm sure some people will look at the ones I "rejcted" and say that they like those better. Perhaps this is worth a post to show my "before" and "after" and why...

Arena Shawn said...

I love your poems as well as the images. I'm especially attracted to the textural quality of lines in the first one, and the soft color of the last. When I read the poems out loud there is a nice dancing quality of words, which also evokes imagery. I can't quite describe or capture them yet. Maybe when I read more. Would you put the book in pdf form so that people from oversea like me can pay and download? Looking forward for the finishing of it.