Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ArtsLab S1 Ep.17

ArtsLab with Mark Sheeky
Series 1 Episode 17
Broadcast Wednesday 27 January 2016, 4pm to 5pm GMT.

The Who, You Better You Bet (1981)
Pixies, Debaser (1989)
Punishment of Luxury, Obsession (1979)
Pierre Arvay, The Merry Ocarina (1969)
Pierre Arvay, Blue Dawn (1975)
Pierre Arvay, Desert De Glace/Empty Horizons (1974)
Tony Banks, In the Dark (1979)
Peter Gabriel, War Without Frontiers (1980)
Magnetic Man, Flying Into Tokyo (2010)
The Bolshoi, Sunday Morning (1989)
Andrew Gold, Lonely Boy (1977)

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