Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ArtsLab S1 Ep. 21

ArtsLab with Mark Sheeky
Series 1 Episode 21
Broadcast Wednesday 24 February 2016, 4pm to 5pm GMT.
Special Guest Rebecca Cherrington.

Queen, The March Of The Black Queen (1974)
Mark Sheeky, The Stars from The Anatomy of Emotions (2016)
Mark Sheeky, Starscape from The Anatomy of Emotions (2016)
Brokengod, Fragile Clockwork Hearts (2015)
Crazy Elephant, Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' (1969)
Rick Wakeman, A Quest for Water (2014)
Rick Wakeman, The Hansbach (2014)
Saint-Saens, Danse Macabre (Song Version) (1874)
Perfume, Electro World (2015)
Lords Of Sonics, Leonardo (1989)
David Lynch, Stone's Gone Up (2011)

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