Monday, May 08, 2017

ArtsLab S2 Ep.23: Space

ArtsLab produced and presented by Mark Sheeky
Series 2 Episode 23: Space
Broadcast Monday 8 May 2017, 2pm to 3pm GMT.
Special guest John Hartshorn.

ArtsLab content is typically original, created by artists and poets for each episode.

Ian Parr, The Planets: Earth (2017)
Mark Sheeky, Earth Response (2017)
Ian Parr, The Planets: Venus (2017)
Michael Murray, Dark Energy (2017)
Andrew Williams, Orbit (2017)
Ian Parr, The Planets: Neptune (2017)
Lavinia Murray, Spacers (2017)
Lavinia Murray, Cosmic Versus Cosmetic Space (2017)
Lavinia Murray, Wolf Space Programme (2017)
Lavinia Murray, Pluto Sputnik Planetia (2017)
Ian Parr, The Planets: Mercury (2017)
Mark Sheeky, Stranded At Moonbase Eight (2017)
Ian Parr, The Planets: Uranus (2017)
Rebecca Cherrington, Space (2017)
Steven Goodwin, Space (2017)
Mark Sheeky, Black Hole (2017)

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