Wednesday, March 16, 2016

ArtsLab S1 Ep.24

ArtsLab with Mark Sheeky
Series 1 Episode 24
Broadcast Wednesday 16 March 2016, 4pm to 5pm GMT.
Special Guest Frances Seba Smith.

Mark Sheeky, Trackin (2013)
Continuum of Selves, Dream, Death and the Self. (2015)
Sparks, This Is The Renaissance (2008)
Leonard Nimoy, A Visit To A Sad Planet (1967)
Kate Bush, Something Like A Song (1975)
Rick Wakeman, 4 Miles (2015)
Rick Wakeman, The Reunion (2015)
Jean-Michel Jarre, Erosmachine (1969)
Jean-Claude Vannier, L'Enfant La Mouche Et Les Allumettes (1972)
Fred Gray, Firefly (1987)

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