Monday, February 13, 2017

ArtsLab S2 Ep.12: Dinosaurs

ArtsLab produced and presented by Mark Sheeky
Series 2 Episode 12: Dinosaurs
Broadcast Monday 6 February 2017, 2pm to 3pm GMT.
Special guest Dean Fraser.

ArtsLab content is typically original, created by artists and poets for each episode.

Matt Nin, Dino Hunt (2017)
Michael Murray, Relics 1 (2017)
Trixi Field, The Meres: Ripples (2017)
Lavinia Murray, Tyrannosaurus Rex (2017)
Michael Murray, Relics 2 (2017)
Mark Sheeky, Black Food (2017)
Michael Murray, Changeling (2017)
Helen Kay, Hennosaur Evolution (2017)
Rebecca Cherrington, Dinosaurs (2017)
Steven Goodwin, My Pet Dinosaur (2017)
Mark Sheeky, Folia (2017)
Matt Nin, Jurassic Jam (2017)

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