Sunday, February 26, 2006

The theft of four pictures in Brazil yesterday prompted me to dream of paintings last night. Wonderfully, I dreamt that Salvador Dali was in a gallery showing one of his lastest pictures, a surreal portrait of King Charles II. The picture which was tall and thin and something like a waterfall with a sky blue background. No such picture exists in reality, so I must thank my sub-conscious for the design of this great picture which I might attempt to realise one day. In the mean time my entry for the eclectic art competition is currently drying in its underpainting stage. Next week I'll start to overpaint my (probable) entry for the migraine association competition which is a depiction of a headache. I'm praying that the colours will turn out correctly in that picture because each object in each layer is coloured differently to create a mix of colours that can only work in combintation.

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