Monday, November 26, 2007

Winter Painting

I'm painting again all day this week, despite the poor light of Winter. The current picture is a new version of a painting called The Morning Hour. I'm also working on a rather old one on Wednesdays at Art Support (started in Sep 2006). Everything else is on standby, but at least the poor light gives me a couple of dark hours for non-painting work so in the meantime I'm working on a few new compositions and the odd bit of music.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bye Bye Little Fishes, and Thankyou

My painting, "Bye Bye Little Fishes, and Thankyou" is currently on exhibition at Keele University until mid December. The picture was one of three commended by the judges, along with the pastel painting "Miss Willibuns" by my Art Support classmate Katharine Laird.

A new Flatspace page has been set up on Facebook.

I'm now working on lots of paintings. Six are ready for painting, with about another six in the planning stage. The daylight is poor at this time of the year, restricting my time to 10am-3pm so I tend to avoid painting, but I might do one or two in between other things.

Next up is the release of the Gunstorm song. The music is now registered with the CatCo database so everything should be ready for the release date of the 19th.