Monday, March 04, 2013

Liquid Love

When I'm lonely I like to write poetry. And work, generally. This happens often. The productivity gives me a sense of achievement, and one of the great benefits of being alone is having time to do things. Time that vanishes when being social. Time that is so very precious, as precious as good health - the two most precious qualities of life, appreciated by so few people. Here is a poem I wrote tonight. I decided to make the structure approximately palindromic.

Liquid Love

In this liquid velvet dark
can I see a spark of love?

Can I sup some yellow warmness,
gulp that honey, sense that burning on my cold clay skin?

Can I prick my finger on a tiny blade of love
if I stroke this icy air?

Is there any thing there?

Yes, it is here.

Warm and sweetly boiling clear,
dancing like a silver crystal flame of love.

A fresh mint beauty churning deep within.
A flowing river
kissed from every distant memory mountain.

In this liquid velvet dark
my love cascades in flowing fountain.