Friday, November 28, 2008

Painting God

I'm painting again this week, lots of small works. I had hoped to start on a bigger one for the Derbyshire Open in Buxton, which if 2009 was like 2008 allows any artist to enter providing the subject is about Derbyshire. I like to enter competitions with subjects because it gives that one small part of me that is a show-off the chance to invent something that nobody else would think of. Actually though, I think even if I were the only entrant I would be exactly as inventive because fundamentally I compete only with myself.

Next on today's ticklist is a painting of God actually which almost makes me sound religious. But what is "God" but the anthropomorphisation of the universe... one with whom a social creature like a simian ape can form a relationship when the reality of a void is untouchable.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How Much Love

Here is sad poem I wrote last night called How Much Love. It was remarkably inspired by Val Doonican singing Blowin' in the Wind on the Rolf Harris Show, recently repeated on BBC4. I've managed to write something even more desolate than Dylan. Now, calm your mind. Lower your mood. Blink. Deep breath. Now let us begin.

How Much Love

How much love,
would it take,
for me to get out of bed.

I wonder how much fun,
I need.
I wonder how much sun I could see,
if I really cared to raise my head,
when I want to die here now, instead.

How much expectation
of a golden new beginning.

How much purpose
could I find, if sought.

How much love,
would it take,
to get out of bed.

How much money,
if love could be bought.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stupid Computer Music

I've been working on music this week, and given that my weeks end with Tuesday it is now the start of the weekend. I can report with joy that my task has been successful and that the last track to my forthcoming CD The Twelve Seasons is now composed. The music needs final balancing and arranging but the most difficult task is complete. The music spans a large period, some tracks date back several years, but I am very pleased with the quality of the music, particularly the recent tracks which are loaded with emotion and imagery, at times as wide and orchestral as my music can be.

My next CD release however will be Stupid Computer Music, in a week or so. That one is a compilation of some of my computer game music and similar tunes of the past decade. Stupid Computer Music is available to pre-order now on my website and is the perfect Christmas gift for a computer enthusiast or gadget geek!

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Artists

I've discovered a couple of exciting artists recently (well, John discovered me!)

John Salmon is a highly skilled and imaginative watercolourist who paints amazing dreamlike landscapes as well as paintings with a unique, vaguely cubist feel. John is a WetCanvas regular and uses a water charger device for special effects, innovating in technique as well as subject.

Natalia Molinero is another one to look out for. I've just found her art on Facebook. Hailing from Argentina her art is reminiscent of one of my favourite artists Roberto Matta but with an extra influence of pre-Columbian South American art. Her paintings are fascinating and the equal to those of Matta in my opinion and deserve to be as well known.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rules for Artists

My rules for artists:

1. Make good art.
2. Analyse each picture coldly to ensure that it is good. Analyse its good and bad elements. Analyse its emotional content and contrasts. Analyse its techniques. Calculate how it could have been better. Make detailed notes during painting and you will learn from your mistakes more easily.
3. It is better to paint one good picture than one hundred average ones.
4. It is better to paint one bad picture than none at all.
5. Do not think about an idea so long that you corrupt it. After a time limit, destroy a failing idea and start again.
6. Do not be lazy. Do not cut corners.
7. Do not flood your own market.
8. Make your art worth a high price and charge that high price. Great artists die of poverty. Foolish artists live in poverty.
9. You will dislike all of your pictures, expect this, and ignore this. Tell the world your art is great.
10. Paint beautiful. A good picture awes art critics, small children and ignoramuses. Please all three.
11. Include an element of mystery in every picture.
12. Under state and over prove.

Mr. January

Hey look I'm Mr. January in the Urenco corporate calendar. Many aspects of this calendar are brilliant including the nuclear accident emergency warnings on the back and the highlighting of the monthly siren tests. Next year the calendar competition goes global. Thanks must go to Urenco and Neil Kinsey Fagan for organising this. Corporate sponsorship of the arts is very important because they can afford the venues and provide an audience in a way that local government cannot.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Painting to be Exhibited in The Mall Galleries

"Following the second selection stage I am thrilled to inform you that your piece will be exhibited as part of Sue Ryder Care's Art Liberating Lives Exhibition."

That will be my first painting to be exhibited in the Mall Galleries. I had a painting for Transport for London briefly shown in the Victoria and Albert Museum but that was only on show for the presentation evening. This marks the end to an increasingly successful first year for me as an artist. I am confident that next year's work in painting, writing and music will continue to improve. My Spear of Destiny is at hand! Onward!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Albion Commendation

Here is my commendation for the Albion painting, now on public display in the Keele University Gallery, in the Chancellor's Building.


I've been working on a few paintings over the last couple of days and scanned in some for the website too. The nex job is music and I hope to compose a couple more tracks for the up and coming Twelve Seasons album, as well as work on some more sounds for IndieSFX.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Distant Lighthouse Shining Away

The Distant Lighthouse Shining Away

I have no reason to live, except for my art.
My dreams were shattered years ago.
My eyes are heavy, sad and slow.
My paint seeps from my crippled heart.

My thoughts and feelings given shape.
Laid bare to purge.
A hook for love...

Success today would come too late.
All of my love, if I could ever have felt it, is now hate.

And so each step is hard and hard.
Each breath I give, each second, long;
and every day an end and start.
I have no reason to live, except for my art.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Chasm Was Too Wide

I'm painting again this week and working on a few smaller images. The above is the underpainting to a picture about the lack of communication in a relationship called The Chasm Was Too Wide. I don't think I'll glaze what you can see here for this one but I need to add a leaping figure and one sitting in the chair in front of the television.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Two Roman Legionaries at Keele University

Thinking About Christmas has been delivered to Resources for Autism for future exhibition and auction for their cause.

In Keele, Two Roman Legionaries Discovering The God-King Albion Turned Into Stone has been commended by the judges. About 200 pictures are shown in Keele and only ten to twenty percent of paintings that are submitted make it past the jury into the exhibition. Of those that do, the judges award three cash prizes and three commendations. Last year Bye Bye Little Fishes, and thank you was also commended. The exhibition is on for approximately a month and open to the public in the Chancellor's Building in Keele University.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Uranos And Helios

I've just been notified that my painting Uranos and Helios will be exhibited at the Urenco exhibition in the Lowry Gallery in Salford. The exhibition will last two weeks and opens on Thursday November the 20th.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Winter's Daughter

I'm working on a lot of sound effects and music this month and have just completed a poem for The Twelve Seasons, the next album release after Stupid Computer Music. It's called Winter's Daughter.

My autumn hand
of bark is wrought.
Old age once fleeting
now is caught.

My son of spring
is winter's daughter.
My days stretch out
as years grow shorter.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Liquid Sleep Poem

Most of my paintings have associated poems, written on the back. Here is the one to Liquid Sleep.

Liquid Sleep

Tired, so tired.
Limbs sag and flow, like water.
Eyelids low.
Each breath heavy,
deep and slow.

Stars ripple, in cold black lake.
Body fuzzy, floats.
Visions drift like boats.
Fish leap.
Liquid sleep.