Saturday, June 28, 2008


The self portrait is now complete and drying, as is a second Starving Scarecrow. At the moment I'm underpainting Sunset with Petalliforms, a picture that was planned and prepared last November. 31st Century Crucifixion is ready but I need to paint a detailed colour study first. My skills appear to be improving with each finished picture and I'm learning more about framing and decoration too. I hope to customise more frames in future. But enough of paint work!

I've added an events page to my website, which I'll probably take down after the exhibition season. The two paintings exhibited in Nantwich church sold, making a total of five sales since the start of May. As I type, two paintings are on display in Nantwich book shop too, with hopefully five of my best to be shown in the last exhibition of the summer at Bickerton.

Friday, June 13, 2008

31st Century Crucifixion Plans

Today I've prepared the underdrawing to 31st Century Crucifixion, one of the few large sized painting planned for this summer (by large, I mean about 50 to 100cm edges). This one is about the destruction of emotion by technology and uses a mix of geometrical shapes and more realistic organic forms. Other pictures in progress are; A balloon released by a small child long long ago; Alain the sad bathysphere, which is about working in isolation under pressure; Light at the end of a long dark tunnel, uses a trapezium shaped panel; a second version of the starving scarecrow picture; a picture about the changes within post war Britain depicting the god Albion; a sad construction called Arrow stabbed vine; a surrealist portrait of hypnotist Derren Brown; and a new self portrait. There are 3 or 4 others ready but not yet started too.

With luck all of my painting for the year will be mostly concluded by October allowing me to get some work done musically. A long standing project with my best music to date, currently called the 12 seasons, awaits completion and I'd like to work on a second symphonic work like The Spiral Staircase.

I must remain confident that all of these works will eventually be seen/heard, and I do so with an increasing and glorious certainty.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Glory and Riches are Assured

Glory and riches are assured, as each day gets better. Work is now continuing on Judith Beheading Holofernes, a major picture that will be important for learning processes, a bit like Genesis of Terror in that respect. The Bunbury exhibition is on at the moment and I'll be participating in two more this month and two next, including one juried show by the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. Although I'm full of artistic ideas and selling paintings I feel I'm neglecting music. Some of the tracks for the half-complete album about four seasons sound very good. Ultimately however, nobody, or at least very few people, would hear it. No sales of The Spiral Staircase is disappointing because I know some people out there will like it. Perhaps I could try promoting my music at art exhibitions.