Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I have now nearly finished the underpainting of my ivy picture which is acceptable in the modeling even if the appropriateness of the colours remains to be seen. I have much to learn in that area even if the Migraine picture came out fine. I have also completed the underpainting for a quick dash of a picture that is full of trees, and as a result I write for my own memory that cadmium yellow pale is the colour of happiness and that any sad colours, mixes that drown in their dark turgidity that all painters know and fear, are brightened and resurrected to a new form of life with cadmium yellow. There is a new competition announced on the Bromley's site that I may enter, that would be the 4th and last picture I was planning on painting before July. I have a design idea but the composition is uncertain and very complicated at the moment. I have traced the currently completed elements onto a few A4 sheets, scanned these and assembled them on the computer for easy experimentation.

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