Monday, March 06, 2006

It looks like my first attempt at a picture for the Jackson's competition is a failure. Painting is such a depressing occupation. Every lesson is a mistake and most mistakes take a awful lot of painstaking work to make. The work of making and preparing the transparent polystyrene surface was hard enough, then the composition ended up totally different to the one planned and the plant in question was both unknown and rather boring. The sketch took an unusual two days (and still wasn't special at the end of it). During the imprematura the cloth rubbed thousands of little blue hairs all of the picture in a way that prevented their removal, and at the same time the sketch was rubbed away to near invisibility (a fault of the hard glassy surface). Finally, today the gradiented background comes out totally different from the one planned and it looks very weird. So after many wasted materials and days of work and planning, I'm (probably) going to abandon this mess and restart.

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